HD: A or B.
ED: 0 or 1.

!no exceptions for male dogs are allowed!

Dog must be at least 18-months old at the moment of the examination.

1) “excellent” from two different shows from two different judges at the age of 19 months or older.
2)MALE must be LV CH


All requirements must be met before mating.

– minimum age for dogs used in breeding is 20-months
– female can’t be older than 7-years at the time of last mating;
– female can be mated again when puppies are at least 10 months old;


Eyes: clear, no findings of HC, PRA, RD, entropion, ektropium, PHTVL/PHPV.

– LPN1 gene test:
a. only dogs with result N/N (free) or D/N (carrier) can be used in breeding
b. dog with result D/N (carrier) can only be used in case other dog has result N/N (free)
c. dogs with result D/D (affected) can not be used in breeding

d. no combination of dogs with result D/N (carrier) can be used

e. if in mating are used one dog with D/N (carrier) test - whole litter should be tested  before puppies are going to new owner

- LPN2 gene test

Dog will be considered LPN1 free in case it’s test result is N/N (free), or in case that  both parents of the dog have test result N/N (free).

–  temperament test